Jonathan Davies party founder & Leader of Cumbria First

In 2017 I stood in the general election as an independent candidate in Penrith & the Border based on the core values of putting Cumbria first.
This has evolved since 2017 into what is now a political party and movment in Cumbria commited to putting grass roots politics and delivering a voice for all who call Cumbria home.
A voice to put Cumbria first in local and national politics moving beyond national party first politics.

Putting Cumbria First and delivering political power to the people of Cumbria.

Why a party for Cumbria?

Politics in Britian is broken as events in westminster over recent months & years have shown.

We need to move beyond national political party politics to take the local voice on issues effecting Cumbria forward.
The need to start putting Cumbria First in national & local goverment has never been more crucial.

How we are Putting Cumbria First

We are commited to standing candidates in elections across Cumbria. The party is commited to our policys putting the people of Cumbria's intrests at the heart of them.
Our policys from Westminster to local goverment have the common value of delivering change for the people of Cumbria to give direct engagment in daily events that effect us all.
As a party we hold no branches we are a united party for Cumbria.

Our Vision

We support a vision of proportional representation in westminster that gives the people a voice that represent them not national party intrests.

Accept our challange for change and let's start Putting Cumbria First.

CumbriaFirst party have one goal putting your issues on the agenda and fighting for You, Your family & everyone in Cumbria and always #puttingcumbriafirst not national party politics.

CumbriaFirst will answer to You & Your family as the people of Cumbria First!